Shake Bot makes Perfect Manhattan for BarBot competition

Making cocktails is hard work if you don’t have hands. This guy has two perfectly good ones though so I don’t know why he built a robot to mix drinks for him. More baffling is why the ingredients are poured from naked cherubs.

This machine was actually built for the BarBot competition this past weekend in San Francisco. The premise is as simple as you think it is. Create a robot that makes drinks. Beyond that it’s up to the imagination of the builder to see where things go. As for the Shake Bot, poor choice of drink. While I respect the decision to go with a Perfect Manhattan, that’s not a drink that is supposed to be shaken. It’s stirred to limit the amount of dilution. Shaking also makes the drink end up cloudy, but I’m guessing no one really cares about that when they’re getting a cocktail from robo-butler.

You can see other robot entries through #BarBot on twitter.