Shake n’ Bacon Brew is NASCAR’s best milkshake

NASCAR fans love nothing more than cold beer and bacon. That’s why Texas Motor Speedway is introducing the Shake n’ Bacon Brew, a milkshake made with beer and bacon. It doesn’t get more ‘Murica! than that.



Leave it to the fine folks of Texas to come up with the perfect way to stay cool at the race track. It’s no secret that I love a little booze in my milkshakes, but I’ve only used liqueurs. Adding beer sounds like a tremendous idea.

I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Rahr’s Ugly Pug black lager, but everything I’ve heard leads me to believe it’s delicious. I can attest to the wonders of Blue Bell ice cream though, and I doubt you need convincing that bacon is delicious. Those three things combined must create the greatest milkshake of all time.

As amazing as it sounds, I can’t see people going back for a second Shake n’ Bacon Brew in one day. Have no fear Coors Light; you’re still the best looking player in the game!