‘Sharknado’ sequel hits NYC, fans pick movie title

Sharknado is getting a sequel! A movie this epic can’t just be called Sharknado 2, so SyFy is turning to Twitter to create the subtite for the sharktastic followup taking place in New York City.


Everyone who watched Sharknado will certainly watch a sequel. Nothing about that movie disappointed. And while a million viewers isn’t great, it’s not bad. After tomorrow’s encore presentation there will undoubtedly be an additional billion Sharknado enthusiasts.

Per usual, Twitter was the main source of hype for flying sharks. It makes sense then to let the people who have already hilariously (in their own mind) come up with potential names for sequels weigh in on the official title.

You can submit your brilliant idea by tweeting @SyfyMovies with #Sharknado. I’d recommend searching first though because there’s blood in the water, and your incredibly original idea has certainly already been mentioned. I thought my throwback to 90s cartoon Street Sharks might cut it, but even that has been thrown out there.