WWE superstar Sheamus is Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars 7’ is something I thought I’d never type

“Luke I am your father, FELLA!”

The rumor of Sheamus landing a role in the new Star Wars movie seemed absurd. Sheamus is a wrestler — appearances on USA Network shows aside — he’s not an actor. I mean he’s not even an actor on WWE programming. He’s a guy who says words into a microphone with an Irish brogue. He says “fella” a lot. That’s about his range.

I guess I’m not one to judge acting skills because J.J. Abrams thinks Sheamus has the acting chops to be in the new Star Wars movie. The role is a rather meaty one.

The Irish wrestler, 36, teased sci-fi fans with an ambiguous, double-negative message saying he “can’t confirm” that he “won’t not be” taking up the role.

Recently, Sheamus, real name Stephen Farrelly, was spotted close to where filming is taking place on Skellig Michael island, further heightening rumours of his cinematic debut.

Now, Sheamus hasn’t said he isn’t in the new film. He hasn’t said he is either. He hasn’t said much any of us can even understand. THAT ACCENT IS SO THICK!

I’m far, far removed from Star Wars fandom — like it was a long time ago and a galaxy far away for me — but I know Star Wars lovers are a passionate bunch so I’d be interested to hear how those fans feel about a WWE wrestler playing one of the most iconic figures in cinematic and science fiction history.

Speak up Star Wars fans — How do you feel about this possible casting choice?

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