The ‘Shmoney Dance’ Has Officially Taken Over The Internet With This Soldier Video



If you’re not already familiar with the Shmoney Dance, commit it to memory because with this video of a soldier it’s just reached mainstream.


The Vine above is only two days old and already it’s done 4.4 MILLION loops. EliteDaily is already claiming Bobby Shmurda’s ‘Shmoney Dance’ to be an international phenomenon, and at this point we have to agree.

Though it doesn’t really get much better than this US soldier’s rendition, I figured I’d at least search the webs and see what sort of skill other people are brining to the table. For instance, we’ve got the cat video:

The NFL celebratory dance:


Grandma won’t be left in the dust:


No choice but to shake my head in disdain at this one:


SpongeBob getting in on the action:


And last but not least, Rihanna:


Did I miss any here? Is this an international phenomenon on it’s way to popularity the likes of The Harlem Shake or the ALS Ice Bucket challenge?!

If you see any that you think should be in this post, go follow me on TWITTER HERE, and let me know. Or if you see any other tips don’t hesitate to hit me up there.


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