Somebody wants to turn a Lamborghini Aventador into a limo

Some may view as excessive. Some, mostly Lamborghini fans, may view it as a crime against God and man. But one way or the other, the stretch Aventador is probably on the way.

The vehicle is currently just a concept being designed by Cars For Stars, a UK company that, as you may have guessed, rents vehicles for weddings and limousine service. But they’re serious about it to the point of putting together a hype video:

Personally, I’m of two minds. The part of me possessed of taste and intelligence wants to point out that there is literally no way you can rent this thing, show up anywhere in it, and not automatically be a douchebag. If this thing ever gets built, it will be rented exclusively by tacky rich people.

The part of me that enjoys ridiculous engineering and automotive company hissy fits wants to see it happen. Honestly, turning the two-seat Aventador, which is already a douchemobile anyway, into something even more excessive and ridiculous is a major engineering challenge, and it’d be neat to see it pulled off. Also Lamborghini’s reaction might be funny on its own terms.

Cars For Stars [Official Site]