Somebody from ‘Buckwild’ is already dead


Teens of America: if you go on an MTV reality show, bad things will happen to you. I really don’t know what they expected here. Get a bunch of West Virginia hillbillies and put cameras on them for a sort of Jackass meets Jersey Shore with a little Honey Boo Boo mixed in and the only possible result will be tragedy. MTV’s Buckwild has claimed its first victim.

If you’ve never seen the show, it’s a mind-numbing spectacle where the usual clueless MTV teens ride around in the backcountry fighting, breaking stuff and engaging in endless, idiotic arguments. It’s pure garbage of the type that MTV is so good at producing, with nary a likable character to be seen. One West Virginia politician even wrote an angry letter complaining about the stereotypes the show propagates.

Since Buckwild has started, one of the show’s nine primary castmembers has been arrested and jailed for intent to distribute heroin and Oxycodone, and DUIs and other complaints are racking up among the rest. And now there’s a corpse.

Shain “Gandee Candy” Gandee not only had a stupid nickname, but also a stupid real name. Gandee was the Buckwild star with the thickest accent, which often made him the subject of cruel japes from his bros. He was last seen with his uncle David at a Sissonville bar at 3AM on Sunday morning, and today three dead bodies were found in a truck on the side of the road. Gandee had announced his intentions to go four-wheeling drunk, but apparently he didn’t even get that far. The other two men, who are not stars on horrible TV shows, have yet to be identified.

MTV has not announced a second season of Buckwild, but with this just adding to the firestorm of controversy surrounding the show, they’d be stupid to. But this is MTV we’re talking about, so they definitely will and the second season will start with Shain’s funeral and get massive ratings.