South Philly street fight even more entertaining set to ‘Rocky’ theme

by 6 years ago

This South Philly street fight predictably gets way out of control.

Here is the original clip but we decided it’s not a real Philly fight unless the theme from Rocky gets involved.

The two men start to argue, one guy disappears, and returns a short time later with a signed Von Hayes bat. He’s looking to go Michael Jack Schmidt to this guy’s face like it’s the grill of a Chevy truck.

But not so fast — just like Mickey Morandini in a clutch spot, the bat-wielder whiffs and misses his chance. Now it’s time for a little South Philly, ECW-style street fight. The big fella administers the Tazz-mission and it’s a quick 1-2-3 for the victory.

Time to head to Pat’s Steak for a celebratory cheese whiz slathered meat torpedo.