Southern Illinois coach goes on the most spectacular rant ever in post game



Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson completely lost his mind in a post game press conference following a loss to Murray State. It’s possibly the greatest coaching rant of the last decade. Dude brought up his wife’s basketball skills. That’s full on rage.

“My wife could score more than 2 buckets on 11 shots—because I know my wife will shot fake at least one time.”

See, now I’m wondering Barry Hinson’s wife looks like. Is she tall and lanky like Kevin McHale? Does she have sweet post moves? An up-and-under maybe? Is she a short, feisty guard that throws tear drops down the lane? I’m so, so intrigued.

I think I need pics Barry. I think I need to judge for myself whether your wife can go 2-11 from the field. Also, is she hot…but I digress.

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