‘Spate’ is a game that is about getting drunk out of your mind

With a little help of some absinthe, you can jump higher and run faster. As well as hallucinate,. Just like in real life!

Spate stars a noir detective who’s dealing with the death of his daughter. Hence why he takes up absinthe, to cope with his loss. So yeah, the set-up is a bit of a bummer. Still, the game looks mighty interesting; with the touch of a button, you take a swig, and the world around you changes both visually and physically.

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “The mechanic is meant to mirror the emotional seesaw battle of drinking.” As well as complete objectives; again, you’re a detective, with the job of solving mysteries on an island, where folks have disappeared. Much like real life, even when you’re dealing with personal issues, you still have a job to do…

The last game to illustrate the effects of being inebriated was Grand Theft Auto 4, which handled things quite differently, and just for laughs. Anyhow, glad to see another game at least take another stab, and do so in such a wildly different manner.