Check out Sting’s WWE debut in the new WWE 2K15 commercial

Last night on Raw, Sting made an officially unofficial appearance in the WWE.

While the wrestling legend wasn’t in attendance at Raw (though he might have been, did anyone check all the rafters? Ask Reigns, he was probably up there soaking his head in a mop bucket before his match) the new WWE 2K15 commercial staring the man they call Sting. Co-starring the creepiest damn orchestra in the history of music.

Worst school orchestra ever


Alright, I’ll admit, I’m pumped. I’m pumped for the game, even though I’m still stuck on the Road to Wrestlemania from WWE2k14. Seriously, Hogan has ten moves in real life and like four in the video game. JUST CLIMB THE CAGE YOU TINTED-ORANGE SON OF A BITCH!

Sting will be available as a pre-order bonus. In addition to the commercial, the roster art was released for the two available Stings.

The first image, Venice Beach Sting, has me absolutely jacked now. Crow Sting, eh, not so much. That was fun until Sting stopped hanging up in ceiling, turned NWO and did stuff in TNA instead of jumping right over to WWE during the WCW buyout.

I don’t remember the exact details of why Sting didn’t move over to WWE during that time (I’ll assume it was either money or subject matter related. Sting made a ton in WCW and the WWE product at that time probably didn’t mesh with his Christian lifestyle) but I’m kind of bitter that Sting didn’t spend the later years of his career in matches against The Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold and The Rock and instead screwed around in TNA.

(Puts hand on Sting photo. Puts head down. Single tear.)

[via Cageside Seats]

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