Substratum boots come with fire-making gear in the soles

When we last visited Rocky S2V, we took a look at their Provision jacket, which built an entire survival kit into a jacket that appeals to both the multitool nerd inside us all, and the part of us that wants James Bond’s gadgets. You know, just in case.

Rocky S2V

Well, they’re back, and this time, they’ve got firestarting boots.

The Substratum boots are actually fairly awesome boots just on their own. They come with Vibram soles, waterproof uppers, moisture wicking interiors, paracord bootlaces, and polyurethane guards that protect your toes.

Oh, and also an antimicrobial sole that’s a bright fuchsia, to use to signal for help.

But the James Bond part comes in the two compartments under the sole. In one you’ll find a firestarter called the Sparkie which is actually one of the better flint firestarters on the market, and in the other you’ll find WetFire tinder cubes. And they also come with Rocky S2V’s “survival grenade”, essentially a small survival kit wrapped up in paracord.

So, if you think you’ll be stuck in the great outdoors in the near future, having some Substratums on your feet will be a good idea. They start at $280.

Substratum Boots [Official Website]