‘Super Smash Kittens’ is a very good idea

If you like Super Smash Bros and cats, then you will like this video for Super Smash Kittens.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the following, which Kotaku dug up over the weekend. Other than how it was a stroke of genius to take home video footage of three (well, mostly two) kittens going at it and superimposing Smash Bros powers ups into the mix…

It’s also hardly a shocker to see that the YouTube comments are filled with diehard Smash Bros fanatics making all kinds of references to the game that most normal people would not understand (including myself, and I play the damn thing).

Also not surprising: how said Smash Bros fans know nothing about sports, hence why they don’t know who Michael Vick is, nor the surrounding controversy, which is why when some folks jokingly reference Senator Byrd’s now internet famous outburst, others think they’re being serious. Again, Nintendo nuts, they all live in a bubble.