Supercut: ‘Gunplay: A Tribute to Gunfights in Film’

Pew! Pew! Pew! The new Slacktory supercut, “Gunplay: A Tribute to Gunfights in Film,” consists of a whopping 70 different movies. They still managed to leave out my favorite. Did yours make the (super)cut?

This supercut just moved to to the top of my list because of the lack of non-relevant footage. It’s almost entirely just people getting shot. No context, no banter, just straight killin’ fools while Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik jams in the background.

If you’re wondering which glaring omission I spotted, it was Equilibrium. I know it’s wasn’t a box office smash hit, but come on! They created a fictional gun-wielding martial art called Gun Kata just so Christian Bale could be GDMF’ing invincible! That’s nitpicking though. Gunfights occur in thousands of movies so they couldn’t all be included in this supercut. Anything else you thing deserves it’s just deserts?

If you haven’t seen Equilibrium, you need to watch it. You can stream it on Netflix.