Swedish Marines Ad Pokes Fun At The US Military—Anyone Know If Sweden Has Oil?

A new recruitment ad for the Swedish Marines has taken aim at what they deem ‘Hollywood’ style recruitment, involving models, explosions, and other over-the-top recruitment tactics.

Sweden thinks it’s clever to poke fun at the most advanced military force the world has ever seen, but it just has me wondering: does Sweden have any oil?

They think it’s all Hollywood gimmicks for the sake of recruitment? Did nobody tell them about the dog we stormed Bin Laden’s house in Pakistan with? The dog that jumped out of a plane strapped to a man’s chest, and who had titanium teeth AND jaws to bite threw pansy ass people who think that the US military is all smoke and mirrors? THAT’S JUST OUR DOGS SWEDEN. Think about what we do with our soldiers.

Well, here’s the ad:

NOTE: H/T to @Gizmodo for posting this today and not mentioning that the ad is actually from 2011…