SyFy’s ‘Ghost Shark’ will haunt you until ‘Sharknado 2’

Shark movies have two major obstacles, special effects and land. SyFy’s Ghost Shark has the perfect solution to both of those problems. It’s also a great way to kill and people time until Sharknado 2.

The most obvious problem in every shark movie is that intelligent people would just stay on land. The beach is one of the top 10 most overrated places on Earth. That plan wouldn’t work in Sharknado because the sharks were, well, in tornadoes. This time SyFy bypasses the issue by making the shark a ghost. Obviously a ghost shark doesn’t have to stay in the water anymore than Casper had to walk on the ground.

Making the shark a ghost also makes the filming mechanics of using a shark an ocean breeze. The entire thing is CGI, and terrible CGI at that. The only downside to have an eerily translucent killer ghost shark is that it’s going to be tough to create the theme park that I’m sure SyFy was planning to build around the soon-to-be mega hit Ghost Shark.

Here’s a clip from the Ghost Shark, which premieres August 22nd. I almost stopped halfway through because I was pissed the shark hadn’t caught fatty pig fatty yet, but trust me, the payoff is worth the wait.

Not cool, man! Not cool! Can we talk about how Taylor just committed attempted murder? I know people look out for themselves in times like this, but that’s just blatantly sending someone to his death. Karma’s a bitch.

via THR