Tennis commentator rips player, tells her to ‘shut up’ in greatest announcing moment ever

by 5 years ago

A catfight almost broke out during a Serena Williams-Jelena Jankovic match on Thursday. It led to this amazing, unfiltered takedown by a tennis commentator—one of the best we’ve ever heard.


“Oh do shut up Jelena.” That’s just beautiful. Jankovic was complaining that Serena was slowing down her service game. Sour grapes given the score in the match. Jelena’s known as a bit of a complainer on tour which is ultimately why the announcer dropped the bomb.

Some more background via SI:

“Do you want to do this again, Jelena?” Williams shouted back, apparently referring to two identical incidents from the Family Circle Cup last year and the 2010 Italian Open.

Jankovic complained to the umpire and the match continued, with Williams securing the break to close out a 6-2, 6-2 victory. The two had an extended conversation at the net after the handshake, but the on-court microphones didn’t pick up what was said.

Yes, indeed, shut up Jelena.

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