Terrell Owens schools regular Joes in flag football

Terrell Owens doesn’t have much to do these days, so he’s playing flag football with random people in a new series from Miller 64 called “The Sub.” It’s good to see he doesn’t try very hard when it doesn’t count either. Seriously, he didn’t even go for that one ball with 40 seconds left. That easily could have been an interception and the end of the game. If you’re going to be a sub, T.O., at least put in minimal effort.

Miller 64 is going all out to position their beer as the right choice for athletes, even ones that are past their prime like Terrell Owens. That makes sense because just about all of us are past our athletic prime at this point. Even the war dance done by Team TBD is an over-the-hill reference to Dodgeball. I’ve never bought into the marketing idea that active people want to drink low calorie beer, but brands seem to love it. If anything, people who are working out regularly aren’t going to be too concerned over 30 extra calories.