The $100 one-hour hangover cure


If you’ve ever drank so much that your night ended in a hospital bed, then you know exactly how the next day feels. Amazing! You can’t beat intravenous hydration therapy for a hangover, and now you can get it without the attached medical bills.

I’m not sure how popular hydration clinics are, but I’m always up for a new hangover cure. Thankfully this one is right here in Chicago, so I may have to test it out…for science.

Instead of feeling like “crap” all day, [Kelly, 27] dragged herself out of bed and into a white leather chaise lounge chair at Revive Hydration Clinic, where she received “intravenous hydration therapy,” which basically means she got hooked up to an IV, pumped with two to three bags of fluids, and chilled out for an hour watching a Steve Carell movie on a big screen television.

I don’t drink to the point of unmanageable hangovers very often anymore, but this sounds amazing. The only question would be, does it encourage people to drink more the night before knowing there’s a quick fix the next day? I’ve often thought that hangovers are our body’s way of preventing future bad decisions.

New Year’s Partiers Seeking Hangover Cures Flock to ‘Hydration’ Clinic [DNAinfo]