The 35 best MLB GIFs of the first half

We combed through our GIF archives and chose the best of the best from the first half of the MLB season. Enjoy!

35 Worst sister ever steals ball, throws it on field

34 And this is how the Mets lost a no-hitter

33 This one’s for the eunuchs

32 Dressing up your dog will never not be awesome

31 Ian Kinsler needs a sliding coach

30 Bush diving is the new thing in MLB

29 Zoltan with a side of umpire nut scratching

28 Kid hilariously reacts to foul ball

27 Twins fan gets knocked the f out

26 Cue circus music

25 Jays fans are REALLY excited about the 2013 season

24 Denard Robinson shows off his arm strength

23 This is how we should all get ready for work

22 It’s just a baseball, version I

21 It’s just a baseball, version II

20 Prince go BOOM!

19 World’s worst boyfriend

18 No you take it, no YOU

17 Ow, ow ow ow ow ow ow

16 So, so close

15 And boom goes the dynamite

14 And that’s disgusting

13 Aw, NUTS!

12 This is a shot to the taint

11 Carl Crawford with the web gem

10 Hero dad saves souvenir

9 Throwing someone out after the game’s over?

8 Fastest MLB ejection ever?

7 Starling Marte can cover some ground

6 Nick Swisher, DERP

5 And a boom, boom, boom

4 Worst dad ever?

3 So much DERP

2 Web gem of the year?

1 Quality faceplant