What to watch tonight: ‘The Blacklist’, MNF

You should watch Monday Night Football because Jim Harbaugh will probably get mad and throw a childish temper tantrum. See here and here.

How I Met Your Mother @ 8pm, CBS: Tonight’s episode is written only in rhyme. At this point this show is a waste of your time.

Major Crimes @ 9pm, TNT: This show was infinitely better when it was “The Closer.”

Castle @ 10pm, ABC: Yes, I often make fun of Castle but last week’s episode was uh, good. Like, really good.

The Blacklist @ 10pm, NBC: This is important you guys. Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist is the most important yet! THIS IS NOT A REPEAT.

San Francisco-Washington @ 8:30pm, ESPN: You know who’s not as good as he thinks he is? RGIII. Thank you, that is all.