Breakfast Sandwich Maker: Greatest kitchen gadget ever?

Often, one-use kitchen gadgets are useless pieces of crap. You rarely need something that only does one job in your kitchen, especially if your kitchen is small.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach

Unless that one job is making delicious breakfast sandwiches. Then you get a free pass.

Coming from Hamilton Beach, the company you probably know best for providing your dorm room with a cheap blender for margaritas, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker is actually pretty ingenious. The top part toasts the English muffin top. The middle is an egg cooker, complete with slide-out plate so it’s simply a matter of crack, cook, and pull to put it in your sandwich. And all your other ingredients go in the bottom.

The best part is that it’s quick; this thing is literally done making your breakfast sandwich in five minutes. OK, so eating a fried egg and processed lunchmeat every single day is not exactly a balanced breakfast, but on the other hand, if you enjoy the occasional breakfast sandwich, this thing will pay off the $30 it costs fairly quickly. And, hey, having it around beats having to go out in the rain on weekends.

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