Uh Oh, Someone Made A Movie Poster For ‘The Fappening’ Directed By M. Night Shyamalamalama



Thanks to the glory that is Wikipedia, August 31st, 2014 will forever be remembered by the name ‘The Fappening.’

The day in which countless celebrities had their private photographs stolen and leaked for the entire Internet to see. Now someone has gone and made a movie poster for the event, and yes, I did just die laughing. I’m not laughing at anyone having their privacy invaded and I’d never advocate for that in a million years, what I’m laughing at is that over a month later someone’s still so interested in ‘The Fappening’ that they spent valuable time making this movie poster.

How long until we can all just get back to living our post-Fappening lives? Or was ‘The Fappening’ such a momentous occasion that the world we live in will never be the same? In the same way that poet John Milton’s famous ‘Paradise Lost‘ is flawed, because it’s describing biblical loss of innocence, and a world where sin does not yet exist, but is doing so using an English language constructed in a world were sin DOES in fact exist…so too are all of us now unable to properly describe a world in the aftermath of ‘The Fappening.’ I expect scholars will soon construct an entirely new set of vocabulary to describe this world where nobody’s iCloud is safe from having their nude pictures hacked…. But all that aside, here’s the poster:




NOTE: This is all a spoof, and we here at BroBible in NO WAY condone the leaking of those photos and breach of privacy.

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