The FBI posts a web site to crowdsource finding bank robbers

Bank robbery is one of those crimes that we can unreservedly think of as cool, because if it’s done properly, nobody actually gets hurt, so movies about it are a lot of fun without feeling bad over somebody getting shot.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

It also makes the FBI’s website/resource about bank robbery really, really interesting. Everything you ever wanted to know about robbery committed in your neighborhood is right there, on a web site. And it has a map!

Joking aside, the FBI’s new website is actually a surprising time sink. As bank robbery is a federal felony, it means the FBI posts all the details on any particular robbery. As the crimes are solved they’re taken down on the site.

The idea, of course, is that people visit, look at the robberies that happened in their neighborhood, and realize they know that guy. But the ultimate effect is, hey, let’s look at all the goofy disguises and bad photos of guys who knock over banks.

My personal favorite is the guy who showed up wearing latex gloves. They both stop fingerprints AND keep you safe from germs.

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