The HAPIFork syncs with your iPhone, monitors your eating

It’s commonly held that we tend to eat too fast. If you eat too fast, your body doesn’t have time to register that you’re full, so you’ll overeat, and thus become fat.


So, if you’re willing to pay $100 a pop, you can get a fork that tells you that you’re eating too fast. You know, because what you need, during lunch, is a utensil scolding you.

The HAPIFork is basically a bunch of electronics crammed in the handle of your standard issue fork. It uses sensors to both time how long it takes you to eat and to figure out how quickly you’re bringing food to your mouth.

Then it blinks angrily at you if you’re shoveling food into your piehole too fast. Really? An angry light? Why not have it sing “fatty fatty boom-ba-latty?”

Oh, and if you’re really into guilt, you can tie it to the HAPILABS software, so you can track your eating, your sleep, and your exercise and get a sense of just how unhealthy you actually are.

Here’s our question: Do they really expect us to wash this thing three times a day, seven days a week?