The ISIS terrorists have won: rich condo owners change name due to negative connotations

Well, that’s it folks, we let Isis and the other terrorists win. Rich condominium owners in West Palm Beach are forced to change the name of their building, Isis Downtown, due to negative connotations.



According to multiple reports, a luxury condominium building planned for downtown West Palm Beach in South Florida is being forced to axe their name which they share with a group of Islamic extremist terrorists who have been dominating headlines recently.

WPTV reports:

ISIS Downtown is a major development being built in West Palm Beach. ISIS is also one of the names for the al-Qaida splinter group behind the recent beheading of American journalist James Foley.

The Palm Beach Post reports the new building is now being called 3 Thirty Three Downtown.

The developers haven’t commented on the change. Tim Harris, the past president of the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches, said the prior name had become “scarily negative.”

So there you have it folks, we’ve let the terrorists win. We’ve started bending and changing our ways of life due to the outside influences of radical terrorist groups like ISIS and others.

What’s next? Soon in order to board an airplane we’ll be having our balls fondled or subjected to full-body naked scans, right? Where do we draw the line…oh, wait…


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