Two Bros Acting Out A Conversation Between 60-Year-Old Women Will Make Your Sides Hurt

These two brothers from Brooklyn, The Kloons, act out a conversation between their 60-year-old mother and aunt, and holy crap did I just die laughing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: these two bros are my favorite comedy duo on YouTube right now. They’ve managed to tap into something so simple yet so fucking hilarious that anyone with a borderline senile mother (all of us) can relate.
The brothers Kloon acting out an everyday conversation between their mother and aunt is somehow a reflection on each and everyone of us who’s family is just a little bit off…only these guy’s comedic acting chops are off the charts. Prepare to laugh your dick off:


The Kloons: Episode 1 — Two Guys Acting Out A Conversation Between Their Mother And Aunt

Episode 2: The Kloons

Episode 3: The Kloons