The LEGO Movie is a real thing and has a new trailer

I’m not a numbers guy, but Lego might be the most successful toy of all time. Who knew simple blocks could take over the world to the extent that they have. Now we even have a trailer for 2014 blockbuster, The Lego Movie.

The synopsis is pretty simple. An ordinary guy is thought to be the Master Builder who can save the Lego universe (so basically Neo) from an villain who wants to glue all the blocks together. The best part of this is that for the rest of their lives, Will Arnett can say he’s Batman and Channing Tatum can claim to be Superman.

Unless you were a Mega Bloks short-busser, Legos (there technically isn’t a plural for Lego) were likely your favorite toy at some point. There was something simplistically awesome about building things then smashing them to pieces only to build something else. The brand grew far larger than tiny-Colin ever could have expected though. Through various partnerships and licensing, we now have video games, board games, theme parks, retail stores, TV shows, and even movies.