The Steam Box for PC gaming will cost $1,000

Turns out, consoles have absolutely nothing to worry about because The Steam Box will cost a grand.


As noted a few times already: Valve, owner and operator of Steam, the number one distributor of PC games, has been slowly amassing the tools they need to face consoles head on and take over the living room.

It’s a fight that many PC gamers cannot wait to get officially under way; despite all the bitching and moaning they do over draconian DRM schemes, plus all the time and energy (and money) that must be spent on their setup to just the latest game, they are all convinced that console gaming is (somehow) vastly inferior.

As such, PC gamers take every single opportunity to lambast and ridicule their console owning counterparts in the most trite and clichéd manner possible, acting much like the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Not saying every PC person is as annoying, but the percentage is embarrassingly high.

Which is why, those of us on the console side things are laughing our asses off. Because Xi3, the first party to produce the Steam Box, which as the name implies, is a machine that is dedicated to running Steam and connects to your living room TV, says theirs will cost $1,000.

To be honest, it’s hardly a shocker. One common point that PC loyalists constantly refer to is how “comically expensive” consoles are, especially when they debut, and how their horsepower cannot match even the best PCs from the previous year.

Though they forget to also acknowledge how your average “cheap and affordable” PC is longer as such when you give it the latest and greatest video card, RAM, and the like. Which are pretty pricey. So all of a sudden you have something that’s twice, even three times more costly than a console.

At the very least we know that the first Steam Box will pack quite the muscle. It better, given the asking price. And there will be other Steam Boxes from other manufactures on the way, who will no doubt offer a cheaper set up. Till then, us console owning plebes are having a might fine chuckle.