The ultimate hangover cocktail recipe from Pat Bertoletti

by 6 years ago


Pat Bertoletti’s Pink Russian is either the most disgusting or most effective hangover remedy I’ve ever seen. It will coat your stomach to make you feel good while still giving you a morning buzz this weekend.

Mimosas are for women and Bloody Mary’s are for people who like to accessorize a glass more than they like to drink. The Pink Russian is for those in serious hangover pain but still wanting to drink. I’ve seen Pat Bertoletti out drinking at night, and I have no doubt his hangovers are more vicious than most of ours. If there is anyone to be trusted for a breakfast cocktail, it’s Pat. The ingredients for the Pink Russian are being stockpiled, and I’ll let you know just how awful this cocktail really is.

I prepare my hangover helper the pink russian. I orginally conceived this idea to help promote pepto when they were an eating sponsor but they were not keen on mixing booze with it or using pepto as a drink mixer. I think it tastes pretty good and helps with the Irish flu. Pepto will turn your stool dark, you’ve been warned. I don’t know why I shook it for so long or was laughing during

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