‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 11 recap: Spinning Wheels


Two groups of survivors who just can’t get along. Isn’t that always the way? After the assault on Woodbury and the return of Merle to the fold, we’re kind of at a quiet place on The Walking Dead.

The prison, however, is not proving to be such a great hideout. It’s just too big to manage, and the walkers are starting to gain entry at too many points. With the few able-bodied survivors the group has, there’s no way you they can secure the entire place. On the other hand, leaving would be suicide – they have a baby and a one-legged man in tow, the road is going to be more dangerous than ever. Nice one, Rick.

And into all this comes a familiar face. Andrea leaves Woodbury as the Governor starts training the entire town in the ways of war. She decides to blow town (with science guy Milton in tow) to reason with the prison crowd. Needless to say, they don’t really greet her with open arms. Pretty much everybody is pissed except for Carol, with Michonne laying some serious verbal ownage down. No truce.

The other big thing at the prison is Carl having a talk with his dad about maybe stepping away from the reins for a little bit. The boy’s got a point, but who else is even capable of the job? Daryl? Glenn? Don’t make me laugh.

After she leaves, she runs into Tyreese and his three cohorts in the woods, bringing them back to Woodbury where Tyreese up and gives the Governor the layout of the prison just because he’s pissed. This seems a little weird for me. I could see it being one of the other two guys, both of whom wanted to take the prison by force, but Tyreese seemed to be the moral compass of the group. Well, water under the bridge now, as the Governor has everything he needs to wreck Rick and crew.

Before she left the prison, Carol told Andrea to give the Governor “the best night of his life” and then merk him. For a minute, it looks like she will, picking up a knife and walking towards his sleeping body. Andrea, of course, can’t go through with it. If she did, there’d be no show.

The last season of The Walking Dead started weak but ended strong. Unfortunately, this season is kind of doing the opposite. Since hitting the prison, things have seemed really unfocused. Yes, Rick is going crazy. He’s been going crazy for weeks. Yes, the Governor is a creep. He’s been a creep for weeks.