‘The World is Ours’ is your 2014 World Cup Anthem

Coca-Cola has released their official 2014 World Cup Anthem. David Correy’s “The World is Ours” is set to be the biggest song of 2014, and you’ll hear plenty of it especially now that USA has officially qualified for the World Cup.

You may remember a little ditty from K’naan called “Wavin’ Flag” that took over the universe for a few years back. Well, that was the Coca-Cola official 2010 World Cup Anthem. I could have sworn it was played on loop for over a year, so I hope you like “The World is Ours” because it’s going to get rammed down your throat.

The World Is Ours’ by David Correy is the official Coca-Cola anthem of their campaign for the greatest sports show on Earth, the FIFA World Cup™. Correy has been working on the biggest song of 2014, ‘The World Is Ours’ with one of the finest songwriting teams in the world, Rock Mafia. Joining them is notable Brazilian-born producer Mario Caldato Jr., The anthem also features samba rhythms from famous Rio percussion group Monobloco.