World’s most evil thieves steal $19,000 in Girl Scout cookies

Robbing little girls takes a special brand of creep. Robbing little girls of almost $20,000 in Girl Scout cookies in an orchestrated heist? There’s a special place in hell for these guys.

girl scout cookies

Flickr/Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

According to Spartansburg, S.C. police, criminals broke into a warehouse owned by Brian Carey, a local storage and moving company.

Carey told the Spartansburg Herald Journal, “We don’t think it was a break in. The warehouse is very secure, with an alarm system and video [surveillance].”

The thieves stole $18,900 worth of cookies, primarily cases of the Thin Mint and Shortbread varieties. Local Girl Scout representatives estimate that around 5,000 boxes in total were lost in the crime.

Police have yet to determine any suspects who could have facilitated the 450 case theft.

Carey says that local cookie sales should be unaffected as the cookies were extra inventory and the Girl Scouts won’t be charged for them.

The important thing? No one got their grubby hands on the Tagalongs. We all know they’re the LeBron James of the Girl Scout franchise.