9 things that set women back more than Lauren Silberman’s NFL Combine tryout

Lauren Silberman was the first woman to kick at the NFL Combine, an annual event designed to test the NFL readiness of aspiring draftees. She failed miserably — kicking the ball 19 yards — and has been accused of “setting women back.” But it could be worse, ladies!

1. Early 1990s Girl Talk ads

Wikipedia calls the series of “Girl Talk” products one of many late 1980s/early 1990s products to focus on boys, talking on the phone, dancing, having parties and sleepovers, and other ‘girl-ish’ themes.” The video above is from 1991 and for the “Girl Talk” product, “Girl Talk: Secret Diary”. The main item to note here? Myron is a creep.

2. Tonya Harding

tonya harding


It’s easy to forget that — before she disgraced the sport of figure skating by hiring a thug to club then-Olympic favorite Nancy Kerrigan in the knee — Tonya Harding was also an Olympian and potential role model to young women everywhere.

And then she ended up doing this:

3. This Girl And Her Easy Bake Oven

ez bake oven girl


Maybe the girls in those 1960s E-Z Bake Oven ads didn’t know any better. But you, teenage girl in 2013, are really holding everyone back. Perhaps you are the Martha Stewart of overprocessed unhealthy confections made under a glorified heat lamp. But you could be a little more self-aware about it.

4. Octomom

Check out the video above from NBC, before Nadya Suleman became a national punchline. The story is about the challenges Suleman faces in integrating her incoming eight children with her other six kids. Nothing says modern woman like going from potentially inspirational single mom to Z-list celebrity masturbating on video to make rent while recovering from a Xanax addiction.

5. Literally Everything That Happened In This Clip

Say what you will about the WNBA, but the female athletes who make up the league would crush almost any pick-up game across the US. These girls won’t be mistaken for the Los Angeles Sparks anytime soon.

6. Mariah Carey Smelling Her Boobs On Live TV

Women have gotten away for decades with implying that men are the more disgusting gender. Mariah Carey broke through that glass ceiling with gusto in this GIF.

7. Melissa McCarthy’s Oscars Skit

Melissa McCarthy is a genuinely hilarious woman. Sadly, in one of her first big national TV moments, she and Paul Rudd contributed a skit that has as many laughs as Israel-Palestine peace talks.

8. That Astronaut Who Drove Across The Country In A Diaper

lisa nowak mugshot

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Remember Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who plotted a murder of another woman to win the affection of some guy? And she drove across the country in a diaper, basically sacrificing a career as a NASA astronaut, to do it? It’s literally the exact opposite of a romantic comedy, all for the love of a man who looks like this. Something tells me “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” was not on the cross-country car ride playlist.

9. Jessica Simpson’s Lack of Tuna Awareness

Jessica Simpson is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the last 25 years, racking up over $750 million with an empire of licensed products. She also didn’t know that Chicken of the Sea is a type of tuna. A female business leader once spent time in a room with a member of 98 Degrees and she was the one who was the punchline. Not the proudest moment for womankind.