This is what two immature bro bloggers look like racing Cooler Scooters down a street

Yesterday myself and BroBible editor David Covucci squared off in a battle royale: we raced our badass Coors Light Summer Brew Cooler Scooters through the alley behind our office.

This showdown has been weeks, if not months in the making. Many moons ago Coors Light reached out with this opportunity, in support of their #SummerBrew campaign they wanted to bring us 2 Cooler Scooters and let us race each other….and who the hell am I to say not an opportunity like that?

These things are a tailgaters wet dream, and as someone who both loves to tailgate AND who’s alma mater is reigning NCAA National Champs, I plan on doing my fair share of FSU tailgating in this coming season….Oh, and not only were they gracious enough to deliver us two of these coolers to race, they also filled it full of Coors Light #SummerBrew in support of their new can design:

“Coors Light Summer Brew, and a new summer can design will bring extra excitement to the summer party, enabling legal-drinking-age consumers to squeeze the most out of summer.”

If you’re a fan of scooters that are coolers and can go up speeds of 25mph, maybe you should consider tweeting to @CoorsLight or hitting them on up Facebook HERE with the hashtag #livesummer and before you know it, all your wildest dreams may come true… Mine certainly did.

But let’s get to the racing, shall we? Myself (on the left–grey polo) and BroBible editor David Covucci squared off in for our race in the alley behind the Woven Digital offices, down in SoHo NYC (Crosby St b/w Prince & Houston). The race took place on pretty rough cobblestone, hence the slow start, and I’m not going to admit that I lost (nor will I claim to have won).

To me, the race appears to end in a bit of a photo finish/tie, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I am however the BIG WINNER, as my race didn’t end up at the bottom of some nasty ass NYC street water. So yes, I am in fact the winner.

And like I said before, if you’re into coolers that are scooter and also go 25mph, hit up Coors Light on FACEBOOK or TWITTER (or check out their website) with the hashtag #livesummer and maybe, just maybe they’ll make all your wildest dreams come true.