If You Don’t Have A Fucking Clue In The Kitchen ‘Thug Kitchen Cookbook’ Is Here To Change Your Life



If you’re not already familiar with ‘Thug Kitchen’ it’s basically the most profanity-laced culinary endeavor in history, and to launch they’re cookbook they dropped a trailer that would make George Carlin smile from his grave.

Thug Kitchen’s been on my radar for a while, since I first discovered them on Facebook I was hooked. They manage to make good recipes into something that isn’t straight forward cookbook nonsense: pinch of this, add that, shake those, etc. Their profane approach to the culinary arts make it accessible to anyone with a sense of humor and a palate for foods that don’t taste like this.

This past weekend they dropped the trailer for their upcoming cookbook (out in October 2014) and it’s just as offensive as everything I’ve come to love from Thug Kitchen:


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