Tim Tebow endorses headphones, headphones hit new low

The trend of celebrities endorsing headphones has officially hit a new low: Tim Tebow has just endorsed some headphones.

Soul Tim Tebow


There are literally dozens of football-related reasons that this is wrong, but you don’t need me to explain Tebow’s overhyped in that respect. Instead, let’s talk about all the headphones at CES endorsed by celebrities, and why you should never, ever, buy them.

It’s one thing when musicians are brought in. While headphones endorsed by musicians are almost inevitably crap, at least a musician’s endorsement makes sense. After all, they record music, they use headphones quite a bit, presumably, they have an opinion that might be worth listening to.

On the other hand, while, unlike Tim Tebow, Usain Bolt deserves our respect as an athlete, I don’t think he’s got the audio training to choose the best pair of headphones. Snooki I’m not sure comprehends music. And this is just the latest round of ridiculousness.

These headphones are, pure and simple, rip-offs. Tebow’s cans will cost $300 a pop, and they’re utterly generic. You’re paying for the celebrity name. This stuff is disposable: It is and it always has been. Do yourself a favor; if you want high-end headphones, go to an audio store and talk to the nerd behind the counter. He may not have been benched by the Jets, but he probably knows a lot more about gear.

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