Titus Young begs for his job with parents in tow


Titus Young’s been on shaky ground with the Lions after he purposely lined up in the wrong spot during a game against the Packers. He was summarily placed on pseudo suspension while the team mulled their options. This despite the Lions’ need for a receiver following serious injuries to Nate Burleson and Ryan Broyles.

But after the season head coach Jim Schwartz left the window open for Young to return.

“[Young] is still on our roster and everybody that’s on our roster is still on our roster for a reason,” Schwartz said. “There’s a window [for him to return] there, and there’s a chance, there is a process involved there [before he could rejoin the roster].”

Today, the situation escalated to a meeting between Young’s parents and Lions personnel. Let me repeat that for you in laymen’s terms. Titus Young and his folks were called in for parent-teacher conferences because he was disruptive in class.

By the way, Titus is 23-years-old and has a child. God help us all.