Today’s movie, TV and video game news

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Why read a whole bunch of posts? This one has everything. A lot of news comes down the pipeline every day that’s not quite enough to merit a full post, but still worth talking about. Here’s the buzz from the world of games, TV and movies.

E! orders a WWE Divas series


Cable network E! put out its upfronts today for new series, mostly reality shows. They include Total Divas, which examines the private lives of WWE divas, as well as The Wanted Life about UK popsters The Wanted. Source: Deadline.

Kid with cerebral palsy owns on Britain’s Got Talent

Jack Carroll is just 14 years old, has cerebral palsy, and is still man enough to go out on Britain’s Got Talent and crack jokes in front of an audience of millions. Kid’s a boss.

First look at Storm in X-Men: Days Of Future Past


Bryan Singer has been Tweeting lots of behind-the-scenes images from the filming of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and here’s the first shot we’ve seen of Halle Berry as Storm. New haircut! Costume’s kind of dull, though. I’m sure they’ll spice it up with computers.

Futurama cancelled again

Comedy Central

Matt Groening’s sci-fi comedy, which was memorably brought back from the dead by Comedy Central, is back amongst the dead. The network announced today that the seventh season, which resumes on June 19th, will be its last. Lame! Source: Entertainment Weekly.

Papers, Please lets you indulge your inner totalitarian

One of the more interesting indie games to pass across my desk is Lucas Pope’s nutty Papers, Please, which casts you as a border guard tasked with preventing undesirables from crossing into your fictional Eastern European country. There’s a beta up for download here.

Dexter might get a spin-off


Showtime announced that Season 8 of Dexter would be the last, which should have happened years ago, but they don’t want to get off the money train just yet. Showtime president David Nevins has commented that a possible spin-off show starring Deb is a possibility (so don’t bet on her dying). Eh. If it was a Vince Masuka spin-off I’d be all in. Source: The Hollywood Reporter.