Tom Crean goes ‘Harbaugh’ in altercation with UM assistant

The slow evolution of Tom Crean into Jim Harbaugh is now complete. Following Indiana’s stunning win over Michigan, Crean confronted former assistant Jeff Meyer, who was part of the Kelvin Sampson texting debacle. A debacle that led to some tough times for Crean’s Hoosiers.

Here’s the heated exchange in its entirety via WRTV.

Does Meyer deserve a job coaching college basketball? Debatable. He was part of a nasty scandal that left his boss, Kelvin Sampson, on the NCAA blacklist. He probably knew what was going on but came away unscathed.

But Meyer’s transgression is secondary here to Tom Crean’s douchiness. Indiana has been accused of taking dives in recent games—most notably the Zeller-Nix nut punch and the Will Sheehey flop. People around the country are beginning to take notice.

Is this the real Tom Crean? Has he always been this way? Is he simply carrying the Harbaugh family torch? Inquiring minds want to know.