These Are The Top 5 WORST Nut Shots Ever Caught On Camera–Prepare For Man Cramps

I guarantee that by the end of this video you’ll a) be squirming in your seat, and b) will be uncomfortably laughing, empathizing the pain your fellow bros went through from these nut shots.

Today’s Word of the DayMan cramps: (noun) The feeling a bro gets when he witnesses another bro kicked, hit, or clipped in the nuts and his brain causes him to share in the pain. A bro feels man cramps after experiencing nut shots. Synonyms: blue balls

Sorry for the shoddily written definition above, but now you get the point of what I’m saying when I use the term man cramps. The term I use to describe that feeling you get when you see another bro get hit in the junk. It’s today’s word of the day. Go forth in to the world and use it, but not until you watch this man cramps inducing video:

video via @JukinVideo

Still dying a slow, painful death after watching this one:


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