70% Of The World Pronounces GIF Correctly, The Rest Of You Are Morons And I Hate You

In a recent collaboration between Mashable and ColumnFive they polled 30,000 people on who they pronounce various common place words on the Internet, and some of the results are fairly astounding.

Firstly, 70% of the people polled are pronouncing GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) with a G, not a J. Those people are cool in my book. The people pronouncing it with a ‘J’ and arguing that it’s that way because the creator of GIFs says so should all stop using the internet forever and possibly cut out their tongues, because all you’re doing is pissing off the sane, normal portion of the population.

From Mashable (results below):

Mashable partnered with Column Five to poll 30,000 people from 191 countries about how to pronounce six divisive tech terms: GIF, meme, data, Wi-Fi, Linux and cache. Aside from “GIF,” we discovered a few surprises.

To see the full results on various tech pronunciations you can click HERE to read on Mashable.

And for what it’s worth, I just want you all to know that both the G and the J are wrong. Everyone with a brain knows this is how you pronounce GIF:


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