An Illustrated Tale Of The Worst Super Hero The World’s Ever Seen: Florida Man

Florida Man makes headlines daily as the worst imaginable super hero this world has ever seen.

From getting bitten by testicle eating fish to swinging/wife swapping for Jesus, Florida Man is atrocious as a super hero. Florida Man Is EVERYWHERE at this point. From what was once just a running inside joke amongst news headline writers is now a worldwide phenomenon where anyone with a social media account gets it on the action.

Someone’s gone and stepped it up to the next level though, they’ve illustrated ‘Florida Man’ headlines, bringing a face and cartoon to the already cartoonish headlines. They’ve then created an Instagram account and the rest is history….So, here’s the best so far of Florida Man Illustrated (which I expect to be my favorite Instagram account in no time):

H/T to @pkdub for tipping us off

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