Town with most offensive name ever finally decides it’s time for a change

Castrillo Matajudios

via Wikimedia


A Spanish village with the most offensive name ever finally got around to proposing a moniker change.

The tiny village of Castrillo Matajudíos, located near Leon in northern Spain, will convene this week and discuss the proposal with its sixty resident families.

The town name sounds lovely until it’s translated into English. Then it becomes “Castrillo Jew Killer” or “Castrillo Kill the Jews,” depending on the translation. The village was given the name because Jews were massacred there twice — once in 1035 and again in 1109. Not that should be a valid reasons. My town’s not called “last to get an Arby’s.”

You’d think the town would want to get rid of the word Jew altogether. You. would. think.

Mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez, who submitted the proposal, suggested changing the village’s name to Castrillo Mota de Judios, which means “Castrillo Jews’ Hill.” He said this was the village’s original name, but it was changed during the Spanish Inquisition.

So, they’re not mentioning Jews were killed there, just alluding to it. Muuuuuchhhhh better. (gives thumbs up then a quick thumbs down and APPPPLLTHHHH sound)

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