Trakdot ensures you never lose your luggage again

If you’re a frequent flyer, at some point you will have the joy of discovering your luggage is a thousand miles away, possibly being whacked with baseball bats for giggles. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tracker in your luggage that you could just consult from your phone, and let the airline know what they were screwing up?


Why, funny you should mention that!

The Trakdot is a well-designed little device that essentially makes losing your bags impossible. Well, at least until the batteries die on it. But that’ll take a while, as it’s powered by good old-fashioned AA batteries.

It doesn’t use GPS, since GPS is problematic at airports (long story) but instead pairs with your phone using a GSM signal: Basically, you give your luggage a cellphone. You won’t need a smartphone, either: It just syncs with the phone numbers you choose to pair it with, and sends that number a text message. There is, of course, an app.

In short, for $70 in startup costs, you can make sure that you never lose your luggage again. You can also stick it to that smug guy at the desk who claims he doesn’t know where your luggage is. And isn’t that worth $70?

Trakdot [Official Site]