Bro Recovers From Awful Tribal Tattoo With Slight But Clever Modification

Tribal Tattoo 1


Regrettable tattoos are more than just regrettable. They’re unfortunate, disappointing and frustrating because at some point, long loooong ago that weren’t THAT bad.

Take this tribal tattoo as exhibit ehhhhh — in 1995-ish this tattoo was probably considered funking awesome. Twenty years of fading and fashion later and it looks like a flamingo doing a pole dance for food.

Now, this bro could have taken the easy way out buy covering up the massive tattoo with an even bigger tattoo. A tattoo he’ll love until, like what, twenty years from now? Instead, he did the smart thing and made a slight modification to this tribal to explain to all exactly how he feels about his shoulder art.



In case you can’t read the asterisk, it states, “I was 17 at the time.”