Turns out, this Awkward Family Photo belongs to a Marlins infielder

by 5 years ago

Miami Marlins infielder Ed Lucas was a bit surprised when he showed up spring training last week. Apparently, someone had spotted a pic of young Lucas on the popular website “Awkward Family Photos.” A bunch of his teammates put the pic on a shirt—and voila!

Jon Alvarez/Miami Marlins

Jon Alvarez/Miami Marlins

That’s just beautiful.

“The photographer was trying to adjust the lighting and said, ‘Hold still for a second,'” said Lucas, who was about 10 at the time of the family portrait with his parents and sister. “He starts snapping and we’re all waiting. He ended up giving us the B-roll and my sister submitted it to that site and it got all popular. It’s at Wal-Mart. It’s on greeting cards.

“It’s been out on the Internet for five years or something. They found it during fantasy football season.”

And it was the sister who submitted the photo. Seriously, this whole thing is outstanding.

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