Turquoise Jeep wants to ‘Taste You Like Yogurt’

The only thing more strange than the music video for Whatchyamacallit’s “Taste You Like Yogurt” is the song itself. If this isn’t the weirdest video you watch all day you might need to rethink your life. It’s uncomfortably catchy, and I can’t decided if I should laugh, dance, cry, or go get a cup of fruit-at-the-bottom.

If you aren’t already listening to Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma, and the rest of Turquoise Jeep Records, it’s time to start. Even if Euro/EDM isn’t your cup of Kool-Aid, don’t give up on Turquoise Jeep yet. This song is an outlier for the group hip hop performers. They repeatedly make you wonder, “Is this serious? It’s a joke, right?”

Some classics with which you should familiarize yourself are “Lemme Smang It,” “Treat Me Like a Pirate,” “Stretchy Pants,” “Sex Syrup,” “Fried or Fertilized,” “Not Your Professor But your Prosexxor,” and the one that started it all for me 2+ years ago, “Did I Mention I Like to Dance.” Keep the Jeep ridin’.

“That’s no moonwalk. That’s a motherfucking Galaxy Glide!”

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