‘TweetsOfTheDead’ has you killing undead thanks to Twitter

TweetsOfTheDead is one of those iPhone/Android games that is beyond rough around the edges, yet is still worth checking out.

First, the negatives. And I feel bad for ragging on something that’s a one man operation, yet I’m pals with plenty of indie game makers who do everything themselves and competently. Anyhow, everything is slow and buggy, the menus are confusing and borderline illegible, plus the audio’s annoying as hell (using the iPhone’s alarm clock as one of the main sound effects was just stupid).

That being said, the premise alone is enough to justify the download: you face off against zombies that are generated from real time tweets. You can choose those who result of anyone tweeting the word zombie, or those based upon whatever is trending (my last two games were thanks to Pope Francis and the Samsung Galaxy S 4). Here’s the game in action, courtesy of its creator…

It’s available for both iOS and Android, and the creator is apparently committed to making it bigger and better, which is reason enough to pass alone the ninety nine cents that TweetsOfTheDead costs in my book.

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