The ultimate movie villains monologue, featuring M.Bison

Movie villains love to give monologues, and NextMovie compiled some of the classics into one long narrative. By the time it ends, the hero is certain to have formulated his plan of escape. It’s as if the villains have never watched a movie before. We all know how these long-winded rants end.

Major credit to clip editor Avaryl Halley for including films like Zoolander and Street Fighter in the amazing supercut. They are in a different category of classics from most movie bad guys, and it’s always nice to see them pop up.

Full list of clips from NextMovie:
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery | Goldfinger | The King of Comedy | On Her Majesty’s Secret Service | True Romance | Skyfall | Friday the 13th | Cape Fear | Foul Play | Silence of the Lambs | The Dark Knight | Addams Family Values | Goldeneye | Die Another Die | Diamonds are Forever | Live and Let Die | The World Is Not Enough | Zoolander | The Man With The Golden Gun | Misery | The Incredibles | Who Framed Roger Rabbit? | Clue | Street Fighter | Moonraker | Tomorrow Never Dies | Marathon Man | Inglourious Basterds | Dogma